who is she? best defined by what she loves:

architecture scuba diving genius design NBA strong coffee inventing fancy salad laughing

the truth freckles writing stories sushi making something out of nothing searching for answers

sequins, steel & wood sail boats art a good story her dogs: Nubbin & Valentine

the Emerald City politics tatoos (don't have any) figs & tangerines maps

wine and cheese, cheese and wine reading the dictionary things that are gray Italy

count her lucky...

she is one of the 41% of people who actually LOVE their job.

she is inspired by rain.

only regrets one thing, but wouldn't trade the lesson.


makeup: 1990 - present (my original true love)

hair: 2001 - present

wardrobe styling: 2006 - present

university education: art, architecture & design

eating proclivities: no cinnamon except for breakfast